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Protection 4 Hearing have been in business for many years specialising in hearing protection and in ear monitors/headphones. We are fully trained and qualified to take your ear impressions.

When your order has been manufactured...

Protection 4 Hearing can personally deliver and fit.

Protection4Hearing are available 7 days a week from 10am - 9pm and weekends 10am-4pm

We work hours to suit our customers we do not work normal office hours to suit ourselves.

Call Monika on: 07831 327 676.

Customer service is extremely important to us!

Internet only based companies/shops that supply headphones or musical instruments and now custom in ear monitors/headphones and earplugs are on the whole untrained and unqualified: they are just a shop selling custom products via vouchers where you the customer has to go on line to access your nearest impression technician or audiologist, and your product will always be sent to you via post.

Protection 4 Hearing look forward to taking your order and or speaking to you if you are not sure which product will suit you best.

Monika Schumacher has many years of experience within the hearing protection industry and is fully qualified with a BSA certificate in Otoscopy & Impression Taking within the syllabus recommended by the British Society of Audiology. Monika is covered for Professional Fitting & Treatment Liability Insurance. Monika is passionately professional about hearing protection and in ear monitors, working seven days a week from 10.a.m until 9 - 10pm to work around Client's schedules and availability. Monika will explain the products and give any other advice that she is able to help with:

"If a customer prefers me to deliver and fit their product rather than receiving in the post, I am very happy to do so if possible. This assures a quality job from start to finish.

I am not in business to simply make money, it is a passion with me because there is no need for people to have NIHL (noise induced hearing loss or worse go deaf, or get tinnitus unnecessarily and I will spend as much time to get the right result with the procedure of ear impression taking. I will assure the best result no matter the cost in materials or my time."

Monika's equipment comprises of only the very best materials for the impression procedure and is top of the range , which includes a VO (video Otoscope) attatchment for use if any clients take a interest in seeing see part of their ear anatomy where their impression is to be taken, or to show them that they have too much compounded wax to be able to safely take their impressions at that particular appointment. I also offer my clients contact details of the best clinics to go to that specialize in ear wax removal who are based in Central London for their compounded wax to be removed professionaly, safely and effiecently, where the most up to date equipment will be used.

Monika Schumacher is a great music lover and couldn’t bear the idea of not enjoying the pleasure of listening to music - she loves all music but is a Blues lady at heart.

Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, work within the music industry; television; film; audiophile; music lover or involved in sport and leisure or any other industry, I will always give the same high quality service and support.

Protection 4 Hearing would never sell a product that would not be suitable for any client just to get a higher profit as you will see from one of their reviews, so please if you have time to take a few more moments to read the reviews, as existing clients’ are the best advertisement.

Call Monika Schumacher on: 07831 327 676.

Monika Schumacher is an experienced, qualified in ear monitors and hearing protection professional based in the UKFully Qualified

We are qualified, trained, experienced
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