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STEPS, The Mini Band, Take That, Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Cooper, Drum Chasers, The Morning After, Christina Aguilera, The Craze, That Sunday Feeling, Justin Quinn, Rise To Remain, Coldplay, Roger O'Donnell, Damion Albarn, Beth Orton, Kylie Minoque, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Xzibit, Duffy, The Sugababes, Mika, Sonia, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Goldfrapp, Ash, Tasmin Archer, George Michael, Hearsay, Jimmy Page, Crispian Mills, Misteeq, David Bowie, Natalie Imbruglia, Will Young, Ronan Keating, Jack Osbourne, Madness, Sir Cliff Richard, Jarvis Cocker, Peter Andre, Brian May, Rod Stewart, Mel C, Status Quo, All Saints, Meatloaf, Gareth Gates, Mary J Blige, Lisa Stansfield, Sharon Osbourne, Boy George, Seal, Roger Walters, Luther Vandross, Louise Redknapp, Beverley Knight, Sinčad O'Connor, Heather Small, Roger Taylor, Jimmy Nail, Alison Moyet, Ulrika Jonsson, Marti Pellow, Antonio Banderas, The Corrs, Liberty X, Gabrielle, Brett Anderson, Erasure, P.J. Harvey.

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Existing users of Protection 4 Hearing in ear Monitors and hearing protection products include KaiserChiefs, Kylie Minogue, Stereophonics, Radiohead, DJ Pete Tong, Example, SlipKnot, Funeral For A Friend, Lily Allen, Jessie J, Aloe Blacc, Fat Boy Slim, Professor Green, Pink Floyd, The Muse, Tinchy Stryder, SuperFurryAnimals, Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass, U2, Black Sabbath, Phil Collins, Travis, Stevie White, Wishbone Ash, Fratellis, Paloma Faith, Wretch 32, N-Dubz, BBC Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

Monika has personally taken ear impressions for Daniel Craig 007!

Puretone, Minerva and PC Werth reviews will be coming soon.

In Ear Monitors Reviews:

T1 In Ear Monitors:

"Hi Monika, thanks again for dropping off the headphones and also for coming in for a chat. Always nice to hear from you and I'm very grateful for the nicely working T1 Lives!"

Whirlio - Audiophile/Head Fi'er

"Here is a short review for my T1's and your superb service.

I spent forever trying to decide on this purchase and I must have tried every style of headphone going, from the popular white buds supplied with my smart phone all the way to high end noise cancelling cans. Finally it was Monika's sound advice that convinced me to take the plunge and go for the ACS T1's. I knew that I wanted a custom solution that would allow me to be lost in all of my favourite music and would end this torturous search for sonic perfection. My custom ACS T1's are that solution!"

Kind regards,

Daniel - Audiophile

I have had my ACS T1 phones for about two months and haven't stopped smiling. The T1 is superb - a transparent and uncluttered soundscape which draws you into the music. The best compliment I can pay is that I have re-listened to numerous albums with which I have years of familiarity. Without exception, I have heard detail or nuances which have previously not been available. I would add that Monika's service is first class. Professional, efficient, friendly and on time, I highly recommend her.

D. Hill - Audiophile

So for anyone in the UK, ACS monitors are a no-brainer in my opinion and if you live in the South-East/London then I can't recommend Monika and her company any higher. For full reviews:

Phil Levy, Audiophile/Head Fi'er

My strong recommendation is that if you're going to buy ACS T1 Triple Driver earphones, do it through Monika - for my complete testimonial please click here

Winty, Audiophile/Head-Fi'er

Generic Fit, off-the-shelf in ear monitors and accessories

Hi Monika, thanks again for dropping off the headphones and also for coming in for a chat. Always nice to hear from you and I'm very grateful for the nicely working T1 Lives! Here's the link to me and my thanks to you on Head-Fi:

Whirlio - Audiophile/Head Fi'er

I highly recommend Monika Schumacher for your impressions and ordering of your hearing protection equipment. She's extremely reliable, professional and very good at taking impressions. The impressions were done carefully and accurately and without any problems. She ordered my monitors (T1's, Triple drivers) and custom hearing protection ear plugs (Pro17's) straight away without any hassle and Monika delivered them to me within two weeks. When I needed to replace a lost ear plug, I had it within a week. She personally ensured the products were right for me when they arrived and was happy to answer any questions I had. She's also a lovely person to work with!

Seán McGowan. - Musician.

Thank you Monika for all your help. The T2's are without doubt the best thing I have ever heard, I didn't think it would make me play the Bass Guitar better and tighter. Any bass players interested in these "in ears" will not be dissapointed with the lo end, depth and punch they produce. Thanks again Monika.

Dominic Smith - Musician

Monika at Protection 4 Hearing has taken a couple of our artists right through the process from taking impressions to deliverying finished in-ear monitors. They/she has been very knowledgeable and helpful throughout and we have some happy singers as a result.

Jarvey Moss – Label Manager – AMP Music Productions

A large thank you needs to go to Monika Schumacher who was an absolute joy to deal with and even dragged herself across London at 9.a.m on a Sunday morning to come and take my impressions for my T1 In Ear Monitors.

Matt Pengelly - Sound Engineering & Tour Management

T3 In Ear Monitor Reviews

I have recently purchased a set of T3's from Monika ( Protection4Hearing ) and they are excellent. The sound quality is crystal clear and they block out any unwanted exterior noise. I would highly recommend them to any musician who is looking for a set of great quality custom monitors. Monika delivered my IEM's personally rather than just receiving them in the post, which I appreciated.

Jess Furneaux - Musician & Music Teacher

T15 In Ear Monitor Reviews

Many thanks indeed for the excellent service. As you promised Monika, they arrived the next day and I've been enjoying them ever since.

Listening to them, they block out a lot of background noise but not too much so that, for example, I can still (just) hear announcements on the train. For me, this is an ideal balance enabling me to enjoy listening to music whilst still being aware of my environment. In terms of sound quality, I would say they are more than a match for the various i-devices (iPod Classic, iPad etc) that I've tried them with playing full quality lossless ALAC files ripped from CD. They are even handed, have a nice tone and provide plenty of detail.


My wife needed in-ear monitors as she sings in our covers band and was struggling to hear herself in rehearsals and gigs. I'd used Monika before for my own moulded hearing protection plugs, so I gave her a call and she came over to ours to take my wife's impressions and to run through our options. We decided on a set of T15's and Custom Pro17s which matched our needs best in terms of price and sound. Within a couple of weeks they had arrived and now my wife loves them, not just for rehearsals and gigs, but she also takes them with her to see other bands as, with the -17dB filters fitted, they do a great job at reducing the sound to safe and enjoyable levels. I've been doing the same for years with mine as I suffer with Tinnitus and my Custom Pro17s have been a godsend for me too. If you're considering hearing protection (and you certainly should!), I'd recommend you give Monika a call for a fast, friendly and very professional service.

Thanks again Monika.

Andy Boylett

I recently ordered some IEMs (T15s + moulds + Pro 17 filters) from Protection4Hearing and would like to take the time to let others know about my positive experience. First of all, the T15s: I may not be coming from a great standpoint to write a review of any IEMs as these are the 1st I've used/tried so I can't tell you how they stack up against other models. What I CAN tell you is that I love using them! I've always tried to be diligent with wearing ear-plugs onstage to protect my hearing but often felt as though I was 'separated' from the atmosphere and feel of the music because of them. This is not the case with the T15s, you really feel as if you're still a major part of the action and, in actual fact, I've got to the end of many a gig and forgotten I've been wearing them until someone tries to talk to me! In a nutshell, you still get the feel of the band but without the ringing in the ears when you get home.

Secondly, the Custom Pro 17s: I've only used these at rehearsals but, as you would expect, they do a great job of cutting the volume but still maintaining a flat frequency cut (so no hearing just the bass and cymbals). Obviously for normal gigs, I'd use the T15s all the way but for rehearsals and jamming, these are great.

Lastly, I'd like to say that Monika from Protection4Hearing has been great all the way through the process. She came to my house to take my ear impressions for my Custom moulds - Custom Pro17's at a time that perfectly suited me and was friendly and professional. The whole process from ordering to taking delivery took three weeks which is much shorter than usual, this is in no small part, thanks to Monika's flexibility, knowledge of her products and where to send the impressions for the quickest turnaround time. A pleasure to work with.

T - Music Teacher & Musician

Call Protection 4 Hearing on: 07831 327 676.

PRO-Series 17 Reviews:

To all my fellow DJ's, Producers and club people. I had some custom made earplugs (ACS Pro17) fitted by a lovely lady called Monika at

If you haven't got some already I would seriously recommend emailing or calling her direct on 07831 327676.
To avoid getting that buzzing/whistling/ringing in your ears after a night out working/clubbing.


I have been in the music business for many years now and knew I should be protecting my ears. Finally I decided to make the investment a few weeks ago and I am more than happy I did!! The service from Monika was fantastic and the quality of the custom ear plugs are great. I'm already looking into investing in the in ear monitors.

I would recommend anyone in music invests in these ear plugs as you will prolong your career!

Thanks Monika

DJ Swoosh

I recently bought a set of custom fit ACS pro 17 earplugs from Protection4Hearing. The service was excellent and Monika came all the way to my flat to first take the impressions of my ear and then again to deliver the finished products, just to make sure I was happy and show me how to use them. Having already begun to suffer from mild tinnitus after regular clubbing across London for nearly 10 years, the difference after a night out is really noticeable with my new earplugs, and I don't have the inevitable ringing for hours afterwards. Most of the time now, I don't even remember I have them in my ears and the sound is crystal clear. Monika offers a speedy service, she is really friendly, has helpful advice and is clearly very knowledgeable.

Chris Light - Campaign Management Manager / ECS

I am a busy gigging musician and need hearing protection I can rely on - Monika from Protection 4 Hearing discussed my needs thoroughly and suggested an ideal set of custom moulded earplugs.(Pro 17's) She came to my house at a time which suited me ( a Sunday afternoon ) and took my impressions there and then - my new earplugs arrived by Monika again coming to my home to deliver them personally within a week! Excellent, friendly and professional service - highly recommended.

Tom - Session Musician

"Having used foam plugs for many years as a musician and concert-goer, I found them unreliable and cutting out all sorts of frequencies, so I reckoned it was time to get proper custom plugs. I gave Monika a call after finding this website. She came out to my flat and went through the different types of earplugs in detail. Getting the impressions was easy Monika was very professional and made every effort to get the plugs to me for when I needed them. The proof of the PRO-Series 17 earplugs was when I went to several small but very loud live shows where I could hear everything clearly and comfortable just a few rows from the front. Highly recommended!"

John M - Musician and Concert-goer

"Having unfortunately lost my plugs at one point, I contacted Monika about making copies from my original impressions. She made it happen very quickly and had them delivered to my door within a week. The new plugs are EXACTLY the same as the first pair. Great service!"

John M - Musician and Concert-goer

"I recently went through Monika Schumacher to get a set of high quality earplugs and I wanted to give feedback on it all.

First, the Pro-17s: I've been struggling for a while to find earplugs that are effective enough. I've only had the Pro-17s for a short amount of time, but they seem really great. There's not too much of a disconnect when performing and they block high noise very well. It's also quite nice being in a bubble when the music isn't brutally loud. Stupidly, I managed to lose one a fortnight ago, which brings me to Monika.

The process of getting a replacement was so painless and speedy, which really is an accurate reflection of my experience as a whole going through Monika. She was flexible on dates, quick to respond and diligent getting everything sorted with minimal fuss. She walked me though the (literal) ins and outs of how the Pro-17s would be moulded, how they work, the best way to utilise them etc in a manner which made me feel totally at ease, both with the product and the general acceptance of my hearing loss, which has been a longstanding cause for concern. In addition, she's really really lovely; affable and funny and overall a real pleasure to have (sadly) brief contact with. So there you have it. Extremely satisfied, across the board. Cheers for the help!"

Gabriel Sattin

"I found out about Monika and protection 4 hearing through an article in Mixmag and very glad I did. After an initial phone call, she came down to my studio and carried out the process right there very quickly, where as with previous ear impressions I'd always had to of taken time out and booked into an ear specialists.

It was such a delight to experience a friendly and professional service that truly cares about getting the right product to suit your individual requirements, and also answer any questions you may have about how to look after your hearing in general.

After the initial meeting of having my ear impressions taken my (beautiful neon yellow) custom earplugs (Pro17's) were delivered in the post only 10 days later. Now I can't live without them!

If you're a DJ or musician and in the market for some custom plugs, Monika is without doubt the person to speak to!"

Russ Chimes - Sound Engineer, Musician and Gig-goer

"In my  fifties and having been to hundreds of extremely loud gigs, my hearing showed  signs of tinnitus. I still go to gigs and wanted to prevent further damage. I  was recommended to Monika at who made a swift very pleasant personal visit, who recommended the correct custom ear plug protection, in a pair of  PRO-series 17 Musicians Earplugs, Monika took impressions of my ears there and then, and the plugs were with me within a couple weeks, Monika personally delivered and showed me how to fit them. I am still enjoying gigs with the reassurance of protection  and, no morning ear buzzing !” A couple of weeks ago I lost the left side so telephoned Monika to re-order it, Monika managed to get this manufactured and delivered it to me within a week and yet again personally delivered it to me! Great service and they are very comfortable."

David Black - Musician and Gig-goer Review For DJs:

"What a find Monika Schumacher was...this ACS-certified specialist does home visits at the weekend meaning you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get your plugs moulded." To read the full MixMag website testimonial click here.

Ben Gomori,

I ordered a pair of ACS custom made ear plugs (Pro 17) from Monika at Protection 4 Hearing, I must say I generally am a skeptic when ordering online. But I thoroughly researched Monika's company and service feedback and I was satisfied with the reviews I had read (generally highly rated), so I went ahead and proceeded with my order.

Prior to the order Monika gave me some really good honest advice via telephone. Monika travelled to home and took my ear impressions, she was lovely and friendly and provided the upmost professional service.

Within two weeks Monika hand delivered and fitted my Custom earplugs, I could not be happier with them.

With Monika you are certain to feel comfortable and receive professional and honest advice.

Certainly a hidden gem in this industry!

Jonathan - DJ and Music Producer

Pro 10, Pro 17 and Pro 26 - Prompt, perceptive, explaining and constructive service carried out with a humane warmhearted appreciation.

Mattias Eskilsson, Professional Trombonist and Pianist

I found the (Pro17's) Custom Hearing Protection Very good and easy to wear. They cut the right amount of sound's needed. I found the service from Protection4hearing company very good and would recommend all my fellow Dj's and musicians to use them.

Dj Sly from Shadow demon crew

I first contacted Protection 4 Hearing after I was subjected to horrific stage volume at a show I was playing and started suffering from tinnitus. Protection 4 Hearing arranged for Monika to come to my home and take impressions of my ear canals, which was fantastic because I really didn't have time to travel to a appointment at a clinic.

Fortunately Monika brought with her some generic flat responce ear plugs, which I purchased so I could keep on working as I was worried that my tinnitus would get worse before my full custom plugs arrived. As far as generic ear plugs go, the one's that Monika supplied me with worked fine, compared to any generic earplugs I had tried to use in the past, which just seemed like I was putting my fingers in my ears, all frequency's and dynamics were lost and impossible to play with.

In just a matter of a couple of weeks Monika came back to my home to deliver my full custom plugs, that's what I call customer service. These custom hearing protection plugs (Pro17's) are another story, they are fantastic, I wish I had got them years ago.

Protection 4 Hearing also gave me some great advice on how to deal with hearing problems along with secondary services that were recommended to me which I have since tried and found them to be excellent, so my experience with Protection 4 Hearing was and still is a pure pleasure, a professional personal and invaluable service and I also know that if I should loose my custom plugs all I have to do is call Monika to re-order and new custom plugs will be on the way to me within a very short time, as my ear impressions are being kept on file for 4 years, plus if need be I have the generic flat responce ear plugs I purchased from Protection 4 Hearing as a temporay measure........Rock n Roll.

Ian Montlake songwriter and guitarist with Earthprayer

I gave Monika a call after reading a review on an online blog for DJs. (Mixmag) She was very helpful, friendly and after helping me decide what earplugs I wanted she came to my house to take my ear impressions. The process was quick,easy and painless, then within two weeks Monika called me to tell me they were ready. She then came back to my house to show me how to insert them (this takes a little practice!). I begun using them at gigs the next weekend and I was extremely impressed with how well they fitted and how they reduced the loudness of the music. Monika advised me to go with the Pro 17dB set and I find these perfect for DJing. They reduce the sound enough so that I don't have after-gig tinnitus (ringing) but at the same time still allow me to hear people talking to me and making song requests. When using generic earplugs I found I was turning up the sound system in order to hear the music better but with the custom earplugs Monika supplied I could still hear the music perfectly without having to increase volume. This is essential for me as I don't want to deafen the crowd! I also paid a little extra to get the mould saved ( Gel Moulds ) as they are known in the world of custom earplugs, so if I lose them I won't need to have new ear impressions taken for a number of years, all i would be required to do is give monika a call and she will get the Lab to re-make my plugs. Now I look forward to wearing them at every gig and feel confident about protecting my hearing for the rest of my career. My advice would be to protect your hearing before its too late! Just give Monika a call.

Duncan Burton (DJ)

I am so delighted with my new earplugs which were custom made for me. I would highly recommend Monika as she was so patient and offered a very personal service, she came to my home to take the impressions and explained which ones would be best for me. My earplugs were hand delivered by Monika when they were ready. They are perfect and really do work. If you need custom made earplugs go to Monika!

Jess Furneax - Music Student/Session Musician/Tutor

Monika's expertise allowed me to be completely at ease with the slightly unusual feeling of having ear moulds taken, and it was great to have this done at my home, something I don't think is offered by many other companies. The PRO-series 17 themselves arrived very quickly, fit perfectly, and sound amazing. I couldn't have been more happy with the service.

Dan Skinner - SkinnerBrosMusic

My brother and I recently purchased some ACS Pro-series 17 custom-fit earplugs. We found your representative Monika Schumacher via the website We would just like to thank Monika for providing my brother and I with a friendly, professional and flexible service. She was knowledgeable, person-centred and is a very likeable person to boot!

She was able to visit us at my flat and clearly explain the procedure and all the products (without being a pushy salesperson). We felt that we were making an important and not inexpensive purchase and were glad that the person we dealt with was so approachable and genuine. Not only was she passionate about her job, we felt that she was also interested in us as people which makes a huge difference.

Matt and Si Garner - Musicians (Drummer and Guitarist)

"I wanted to start to protect my hearing so I began asking around about ear plugs a friend of mine recommended I call Monika, I ideally I wanted the plugs for some forthcoming gigs and recording sessions and after having a conversation on the telephone with Monika I felt that there was someone who really wanted to help me, she came around to my home the very next evening to deliver some generic earplugs whilst I was deciding whether to go with full custom plugs. I decided to go with the Pro 17's these are definitely the right ones for me although I probably wouldn't have chosen them if it had not been for Monika's expert advice. I thought that customer service no longer existed in this country but it certainly does with that lady, she visited me free of any call out charge to take my impressions and delivered my custom made ear Plugs. I have since purchased the T15 IEM's again she delivered them in person and would recommend Monika to anybody needing hearing protection or In Ear Monitors, she's a little legend."

Steve Hands - London Musician

DJ - Custom Pro Series 15, 17 & 26 Reviews:

"Great service and support right when I needed it:

After 11 years of DJing and over 2 decades of clubbing without ear protection I unfortunately developed tinnitus in my left ear. With a saturday night residency in a club to hold on to I needed the right ear protection and I needed it fast and that is exactly what I got through Monika at .

All my appointments with her have been home visits making it extremely convenient and a personal service too. At every point possible Monika has tried to speed up the process and get me the products I've needed in the shortest time. In this day and age of corporate giants, it is brilliant to be able to deal with someone face to face, especially with a subject as serious and vital to DJs as ear protection.

I have and do fully recommend her to all my friends who DJ. I can now continue to do what I love with the reassurance of professional ear protection in place! Thank you!"

DJ Witness

I have been using Protection4hearing for my earplugs over the last 2 years. They have provided an excellent service, both friendly and professional. My custom made earplugs fit perfectly, are extremely comfortable and remain unobtrusive, necessary when dancing tango as we dance very close. Furthermore, when I recently had a problem with my earplugs in BuenosAires, Argentina, Protection4Hearing ensured I received a set of replacement ones very rapidly. I would thoroughly recommend their service.

Chris Matthews - Dance Teacher

Music Lovers - Custom Sleeves Reviews:

After trying and failing with several products to get a comfortable fit which wouldn't fall out after a sweaty and vigorous workout including the Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to custom fit moulds for my Sennheisser IE 6 earphones.

After a little research I decided to contact Monika via her web site Initially I only wanted to know the procedure time and cost.

I sent the email with questions and Monika contacted me back straight away, answered all my worries. From that first email sent and after placing my order, Monika kept me involved with updates, appointments and time scale. She even organised a Saturday appointment to get my ear impressions done.

I just sat back and waited for my Custom Moulds-Sleeves to be made. Monika even got the earphones fitted in the new Moulds - Sleeves. I was very impressed with the customer service given, also with the Moulds-Sleeves. They fitted perfect and enhanced the already great sound I received from my earphones.

My only wish was I had previously taken the plunge and got these before paying out for several other so called fitted/noise reduction buds which didn't do what was stated. These custom fit moulds "DO" the job for any hard work, wont fall out and reduce gym noise significantly.

Monika your a credit to your business and online shopping. Thanks for all you have done

N. Wilkins.

PC Werth SleepPlugs

Sports & Leisure Hearing Protection Reviews

"I was slightly skeptical in the beginning but I was having too much trouble staying asleep. The slightest sound would wake me up and keep me up!

After reading an article naming Monika and her knowledge as an essential component in fighting noise and reducing it significantly, I thought I would give her a call. Before I knew it, she was round, imprints made and came back with the plugs to show me how to insert them. This can be the moment when you decide that perhaps you made a mistake as they are slightly intimidating in shape to contemplate inserting in your ears.
That night I thought I would give it a whirl and have used them every night since with great success. No noise has woken me once!

When I say every night since, that is before I lost them on the bedside table in a hotel!! I quickly fired off an e-mail to Monika. Could she please
send me another pair in the next few days to my location where I will absolutely be needing them. I say absolutely as it was the driving force
behind getting them - having to share a dormitory for 10 days with 12 burly men! You ask why, but that's another chapter! Dispatched within days to Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia, the middle of the Pacific and I gratefully received them.

The bill? On Monika's tab just based on my say so and an e-mail! The definition of customer service beyond bounds. I am very grateful.

Thank you Monika! "

Kirstie Timar

Minerva Mi-Performer

Detailed review of the Minerva Mi-Performer custom in ear monitors (formerly known as the Minerva Mi-3)

Scroll to the bottom of the review to see the conclusion/pros and cons.

Call Protection 4 Hearing on: 07831 327 676.

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