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The worldís greatest soft silicone in-ear monitor just got even better.
The ACS T1 Live! custom molded earphones brings over 2 years of research and development together as the most feature-rich custom in-ear monitor available. With the introduction of a new integrated crossover and a proprietary replaceable cable system the ACS T1 Live! offers an enviable feature set brought about with meticulous attention to detail and design. Its triple driver configuration brings you broad and rich sound combined with the impeccable fit and comfort created by the discreet soft silicone mould resulting in an in-ear monitor that feels and sounds completely natural allowing you to control your sound and focus on your performance.

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Adding a touch of refinement.
The T1 Live! custom in ear monitors utilises the same three incredible drivers as the T1 Classic offering the largest bass driver in our range alongside mid-range and treble drivers so clear and rich that you can pick out every nuance of your music. The integrated crossover means our engineers have been able to push this combination even further giving you even more detail whilst retaining all of the body and breadth that you expect resulting in perfect balance and unparalleled depth whatever it is that youíre listening to.

The same accommodating approach.
Just like any ACS product, the T1 Live! custom molded headphones is manufactured from soft medical grade silicone giving you a fit like no other earpiece. We use the softest material in the industry to give you unparalleled isolation in the most demanding environments with a consistent seal at all times and, because your earpiece can flex with your ear as you move or sing, your in ear monitors stay comfortable without fatigue or irritation. In addition to comfort and isolation, using silicone allows us to seal the speakers into the mould and take control of their acoustic environment, this means we leave no room for the shape of your ear to affect how your monitors will sound or for your drivers to misbehave so they sound just as our technicians intended every single time.

So much thought into such a small object.
ACS T1 Live! custom in-ear monitors are designed and produced according to some simple principles that we think help us to focus on whatís important rather than just chasing the pack. Our earpieces are flush and discreet in the ear, we donít just throw more drivers into the mix in the hope that it will make the monitors sound better, particularly if that means delivering ear shattering volumes. We pay attention to every aspect of the T1 Live!, from the 3.5mm plug right to your eardrum to make sure itís performing as it should and we donít do as others do if we donít believe it is right. Based on our proprietary cable design, the Live! Series offers removable cables featuring one of the smallest and most resilient connections around. Keeping the connector as small as possible means that we can keep the cable discreet and mounting the socket right in the silicon means your cables will stay put in performance but come loose if the cable is pulled from the ear minimising the risk of damage. Not only that but by simply moving the pins from the plug on the cable to the socket in your monitor weíve minimised the chances of damage to the cable even when itís not connected. With the pins in the socket sunk into your earpiece there is no chance of them coming to harm and with no pins at the cable end at all itíll take a lot more than a size 13 Doc Marten to put you in need of a replacement.

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And soon another revolution at ACS takes place...
Every T1 Live! custom molded earphones has a pair of built-in, sub miniature, wideband, flat response microphones! Interfacing our new ambient sound processor between the wireless belt pack and your T1 Live! in-ear monitors, will allow you to introduce and adjust your ambient surroundings independently from the mix. Imagine being able to control the outside sound and safely eliminate the isolation experienced by wearing good sealing in ear monitors./p>

With the arrival early next year of our Live! series ambient processor, isolation will become a thing of the past. Plug in and experience your own individual sound environment as though you have nothing in your ears!

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Replacement Cables for ACS T1 Live! T2 Live! T1 Triple & T2 Dual Custom In Ear Monitors £29.95 plus £7.95 postage

Small resiliant cable with 5 pin connector to earpiece and 3.5mm jack to source. Standard cable length is 1.5m.

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