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At Protection4hearing we offer a wide range of high quality hearing protection products and services including /headphones and and communications systems. If you're a musician, sound engineer, DJ, Concert-goer, audiophile, music lover, ride a motorcycle, shoot, spectator or participate in a noisy sport, are a clubber, swim or work in a noisy environment, we can help you. All our custom hearing protection products are manufactured to the highest standards and have been independently tested to conform to the European noise regulations EN352-2.


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Custom hearing protection products are available many different colour customisation options available. Our ear impression procedure for custom in ear monitors, custom earplugs and hearing protection products can seem slightly confusing to those unfamiliar with the procedure, so here at Protection 4 Hearing we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions, talk you through our procedures and put your mind at ease.

We are specialists who have many years of first hand experience with custom hearing protection products, in ear monitors and ear impressions procedures. Call us to discuss our process and the different options available to you. Our custom fit and hearing protection products are made to measure from a set of impressions we take of your ears, and each pair is fitted with special filters to provide just the right amount of protection. To find out more detailed information on custom earplugs, in ear monitors/headphones/ACS/Pro-Series 15/17/20/26/27 Puretone - ACS ER 9's/15's & 25's or just simply to find out how we can help protect one of your most important senses, please browse our website call us.

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The concept of any custom made hearing protection product is its individuality and uniqueness to its user.

Each pair of hearing protection devices are individually crafted under the strictest conditions from exact impressions of your ears. The durability of Protection4hearing products will provide years of use (most users replace after four years) - a small price to pay to guarantee the protection of your most important senses.

The advantages of our
custom ear plugs v conventional foam ear plugs:

Protection 4 Hearing provides custom in ear monitors, ear plugs for musicians, hearing protection and communication products designed to help you enjoy sound safely. The ACS products we supply use the world's first commercially available soft silicone. We know about sound and we know that conventional ear plugs are poorly fitting, uncomfortable and often disappoint. Puretone - ACS products are widely recognised by Music Industry leaders, Corporate clients and Government bodies alike for their excellent sound quality, comfort, reliability and protective capabilities.

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Conventional earplugs muffle speech and music. Conventional foam earplugs reduce sound more in the high frequencies than in the low and mid frequencies, which makes music and voices unclear and unnatural. Conventional foam earplugs not only muffle the sound, but can provide 30-40 dB of sound reduction when only a small amount may be needed - foam ear plugs are harder to fit (and someone with small ear canals impossible to fit) harder to keep in place and can quickly become dirty which can lead to ear infections.

Hearing Protection Custom Earplugs

Balanced across all frequencies


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Musicians & DJs

In a night club
your hearing can
be harmed in
under 4 minutes!

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So there will be no
need to have your ear
impressions taken again
for 4 years.


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