Hearing and Ear Protection for Sleeping

Below is our popular hearing protection product that aids peaceful sleep.

PC Werth SleepPlugs Hearing Protection
PC Werth SleepPlugs custom hearing protection

PC Werth SleepPlugs

Hearing protection to aid peaceful sleep £120
PC Werth SleepPlugs custom hearing protection

Customer Review:

"I was slightly skeptical in the beginning but I was having too much trouble staying asleep. The slightest sound would wake me up and keep me up!

After reading an article naming Monika and her knowledge as an essential component in fighting noise and reducing it significantly, I thought I would give her a call. Before I knew it, she was round, imprints made and came back with the plugs to show me how to insert them. This can be the moment when you decide that perhaps you made a mistake as they are slightly intimidating in shape to contemplate inserting in your ears. That night I thought I would giv e it a whirl and have used them every night since with great success. No noise has woken me once!

When I say every night since, that is before I lost them on the bedside table in a hotel!! I quickly fired off an e-mail to Monika. Could she please send me another pair in the next few days to my location where I will absolutely be needing them. I say absolutely as it was the driving force behind getting them - having to share a dormitory for 10 days with 12 burly men! You ask why, but that's another chapter! Dispatched within days to Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia, the middle of the Pacific and I gratefully received them.

The bill? On Monika's tab just based on my say so and an e-mail! The definition of customer service beyond bounds. I am very grateful.

Thank you Monika!"

Kirstie Timar

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